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Gel Blaster Automatic Toy Gun

Gel Blaster Automatic Toy Gun

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Gel Blaster Gun Automatic Toy Gun for Kids Electric Operated Gun Toy High Speed Upto 50 Feet Range Including 10000 Gel Balls Color Red






  • Eco-Friendly Outdoor Game: This set includes biodegradable gel balls that are safe and non-toxic, leaving no residue or stains on clothes as they dissolve naturally after drying.
  • Automatic Gel Ball Launcher: With an automatic shooting mechanism, the toy can launch gel balls up to 25 feet quickly. The high-capacity magazine can hold up to 600 gel balls, allowing for continuous play and multiple battles without reloading.
  • Complete Package: The set includes a gel ball blaster gun, necessary accessories, and 10,000 gel balls for extended gameplay.




  • Outdoor Fun: This gel blaster gun uses water-based gel balls that are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it perfect for backyard games and airsoft-like activities.
  • High Performance: This toy gun offers impressive speed and range, ensuring fast-paced and exciting outdoor play.
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